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Shopping for the right floors for your home can be a long and tough process. We want to simplify that process by sharing useful information. You'll find information relating to Decorative Coatings in video and text format on this page.

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Graniflex from The Concrete Protector on outdoor pool.

Granite-like resurfacing with a fast-setting "bond-like-crazy" moisture vapor resistant flexible membrane.

Metallic Marble Stain

Metallic Marble Stain from The Concrete Protector in a home.

The luster and depth of a three-dimensional color produced with this popular process will amaze others.

Rustic Concrete Wood

Rustic Concrete Wood from The Concrete Protector on outdoor patio.

Better and harder than other wood flooring options and as tough as petrified wood.

Protector Color Flakes

Protector Color Flakes from The Concrete Protector is great for industrial, commercial and garages.

Brilliantly colored media provide high durability, impact, scratch and chemical resistance.

Epoxy Tile

Epoxy Tile from The Concrete Protectors designed with an elegant look.

With all of the same feature of the Protector Color Flakes yet designed for the elegant look.


Sani-Tred Systems by The Concrete Protector. Permanently repairs and bonds to multiple surfaces.

The world's one and only liquid rubber coating system that permanently repairs.

Grand Flagstone


Stone texture troweling is done over hand-crafted patterns followed by a layered antiquing process.


Elastastone from The Concrete Protector is a revolutionary rubber flooring with durability and more.

A revolutionary rubber flooring option for area that need a durable, long lasting and safe floor.

Scientific Polishing

Scientific Polishing from The Concrete Protector is preferred by world class companies and others.

Concrete areas can be transformed into clean, colorful, functioning flooring.

Resinous 123 Floor System

Resinous 123 Floor System from The Concrete Protector with an economical solution.

An economical solution for a seamless, chemical, UV, and scratch resistant "clean floor" look.

Tuscan Slate

Tuscan Slate from The Concrete Protector that is made with an authentic look and feel.

Authentic look and feel of slate.

Protector Images

Protector Images by The Concrete Protector is a fabric printed graphics.

Create a three dimensional look while adding value and a personal touch.

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