Countertop Care & Cleaning Guide

kitchen countertop

This care and cleaning guide is provided in-part by Cambria.

Too Hot To Handle

Some countertops can handle high temperatures, but as a good general rule of thumb it is good to always use closed-weave hot pads or solid trivets under hot pots, pans, griddles, electric frying pans, slow cookers, and roaster ovens. 

Clean Up

Clean spills and drips immediately using a soft cotton cloth and warm water. You can use of mild soap if necessary. 

Do’s & Don’ts

Do use cutting boards

Do use coasters

Do seal your granite countertop every year to fifteen years depending on the sealer’s lifetime

Don’t seal your Cambria countertop at all

Don’t use harsh abrasive cleaners

Don’t use chemical cleaners

Don’t use 409, Windex, or Kaboom

Don’t use high acidic cleaners