Family & Friends Discount

What would we do without true friends or family? We believe one of the most loving gifts one can provide is recommending a company that has a great product/service to a friend or family member. This discount was designed to show our appreciation for accepting the recommendation. Before you claim your discount, we would like to share a little about what we do differently to provide a smoother journey when purchasing flooring, cabinets, or countertops.

Floor It Perks
  1. Free In-Home Consultation with the Mobile Showroom. Our slogan “We Bring the Store to You!” gives it all away. We aren’t just bringing a couple of samples in the back of our truck or a van… We bring hundreds of samples in our trailer that is designed to walk in and browse around. This gives you options to choose from without having to travel back-n-forth to the store hauling different samples. After selecting the flooring that fits best with your home, it is as simple as dragging and dropping your selection into our iPad to get a quote (or a proposal) on the spot.
  2. Our Installers are Employed Through Us. Over two decades of experience have led us to find the solution to many consumer headaches. One of the biggest headaches we have found customers running into is getting the installers back on-site if they run into issues long after paying for the installation. This is why we employ our team of installers. If you call us, we don’t give you a number and say, “I’m so sorry, but it’s not our fault.” We get it taken care of. What if you have your own installer? No worries, we are more than happy to provide the flooring and work with your installer to pick up the materials.
  3. Protect My Warranty Program. This program was designed to help protect the customer’s product warranty, provide information to help increase the longevity of the product(s), and most importantly, provide a 5-year labor warranty. This is where #2 makes us truly stand out. Because we have our own team of installers we can not only provide a 5-year labor warranty, but we also stand behind it! We know our team’s workmanship and are not afraid of putting a labor warranty on it.