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Rebuilding Nebraska Together

Nebraska has been home to us for years and we wouldn’t be here without Nebraskans supporting us. So we felt led to support Nebraskans in the best way we know how to.

Although Floor It wasn’t directly impacted by the Nebraska Flood of 2019, Dustin and Nicole had a concern about bridges failing so they decided to leave their home. Knowing the concern of a family not directly impacted left us feeling led to support our fellow Nebraskans. Some gave back physically helping, some by donating/saving money and others by doing all the above. After consideration of how we could help those who lost their home, we decided the best way to help was to give major discounts off what we are best at. For those directly impacted by the floods, we gave a 30% discount off our products plus 20% off labor costs. We prayed this would help rebuild Nebraska faster by working together and saved Nebraskans over thirty thousand dollars.

We share this information to inspire others to help their community in their best way.