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What NOT to Put in Your Basement

We see a lot of water issues due to the high water tables in Nebraska. Whether it is moisture rising up through the concrete, floods, or other moisture issues in your basement, the right flooring can help save time and money when addressing any moisture damage. In this article, we will discuss what flooring you don’t want in your basement and alternative flooring that we have found works well in basements.

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LVT Care & Cleaning Guide

This care and cleaning guide is provided in-part by the World Floor Covering Association and manufacturers guidelines. Your Mother was Right Keeping the floor clean is not hard, but there are some guidelines to increase the life of your flooring.…

Tile Care & Cleaning Guide

This care and cleaning guide is provided by the World Floor Covering Association. Sweeping Dirt adheres easily to the surface of ceramic tile, especially styles with textured surfaces. Regular sweeping loosens and removes most dirt. A vacuum cleaner can also…

Tile 101

Why Choose Tile? There are many surfaces to choose from for your floors so why choose tile? Ceramic tile is exceptional in many ways. It’s healthy, durable, has easy maintenance, and comes in styles to suit your personality and your…